When can employers check your credit?


Companies often request to see your credit history when you apply for a job, for instance.(Photo: Thinkstock)Your credit history can have a significant impact on things that have nothing to do with loans More...

by nnw | Published 50 mins ago

5 Money Tips for Vacationing With Friends -


You love hanging out with some compatible friends or families and you both love to vacation. Why not go on a joint vacation? It can be tricky to navigate trip-planning and financing More...

Neiman Marcus accused of selling fake fur that was real


This photo from the Humane Society of the United States shows boots Neiman Marcus sold. They were advertised as fake fur, but the animal rights group found it was real fur.(Photo: More...

Stock Market Swoon Sparks Worries of Flash Crash -

Stocks took a beating Friday as investors worried over Greece’s ability to pay its debt and possibly exit the Eurozone, China’s change in stock market regulations and disappointing More...


Aircraft interiors industry must think outside the box as well as the cabin

Opening the proceedings of the Passenger Experience Conference on 13 April 2015, Professor Richard Seymour, founder of Seymourpowell, one of Europe’s most well-known More...

TUI Group: Future is a la carte

Front-of-house and housekeeping, bar and kitchen staff: at the Robinson Clubs in Turkey, the TUI Group has been training young skilled workers to everyone’s satisfaction More...

Comcast Bringing Super-Fast Fiber Network To Silicon Valley & Other California Markets

(Christopher.V)Two weeks after Comcast announced that Atlanta would be the first market to get its new...

20150417_5531939b66331 Is The RadioShack Brand Name Even Worth Anything?

(Phillip Pessar)All of RadioShack’s stores have been either shut down or sold and have now re-opened...

20150417_55318580a29ca Tobacco Company Credits Falling Gas Prices With Rising Sales

(Xavier J. Peg ☠)Gas prices have fallen signifiantly in the last year or so, which is...

Long-term Tester Update: Fiesta ST on the Free-Love Freeway


“Whoa, hold on. A car hauler is actively trying to run me off the road.” Yesterday, I was talking More...

Question Of The Day: What Car Offends You The Most?

So I recently purchased this Hummer, which is a tremendously offensive automobile in the sense that it looks like the military..

Volkswagen Jetta GLI: Reviewed!

This is not a GTI. This is not a GTI. This is not a GTI. Cross your tees and line your..

Iraqi Kurdish fighters arrive in Turkey after deal to let them cross into Syria | World news |


The convoy of Kurdish peshmerga fighters crosses the border into Turkey from More...

Bangladesh: Islamist party leader gets death sentence for war crimes | World news |

The leader of Bangladesh’s largest Islamist party has been sentenced to death for war crimes, in a long-awaited verdict that has..

Three dead and hundreds feared missing after Sri Lanka mudslides | World news |

About 200 people were reported missing and three confirmed dead after heavy monsoon rains triggered mudslides in central Sri Lanka, officials..

Revisiting Beyoncé: Could ‘Jealous’ Be Its Most Important Song? – Nolan Feeney – NewsWire

It’s been exactly three months since Beyoncé, without any warning, dropped one of the finest albums of the past year—not to..

Jude Law set to join Guy Ritchie’s Knights Of The Roundtable

Guy Ritchie’s Camelot saga Knights Of The Roundtable looks set to add another big name to its growing ensemble, with Jude..

Weekly Recap: PS4 Beats Xbox One, Guitar Hero 7 Announced, Star Wars Battlefront Revealed

PS4 Returns to #1 Spot in US Hardware Sales During March: After being outsold by the Nintendo 3DS in March, Sony's..