Social Security benefits get another tiny raise


Rolls of blank Social Security checks run through printers and are processed at the U.S. Treasury's Financial Management services facility in Philadelphia.(Photo: Bradley C Bower, AP)Social Security More...

by nnw | Published 10 hours ago

Camel maker Reynolds halts workplace smoking


A woman as she smokes a cigarette at her house in New York. US tobacco giant Reynolds American will buy smaller rival Lorillard in a $27.4 billion cash-and-stock deal, the companies More...

Why Kids Keep Getting Stuck in Claw Toy Machines -


Like a moth attracted to the flame, kids just can’t seem to keep their tiny bodies out of toy claw machines. The latest incident started when 18-month-old Colin Lambert More...

Cheetos creates its own soccer team


Chester with a soccer ball(Photo: Cheetos)Cheetos, the multi-billion dollar cheese snack brand, is about to add an unlikely twist: its own soccer team.Make that two soccer teams.No, More...


Young professionals keen to show they are ‘making it’

LONDON – Priority Pass, provider of the world’s largest independent global lounge access program, released the results of a survey of over 1,500 members which More...

Momondo finds travel’s not necessarily a family affair

It’s October half term next week for most Britons – typically a time the whole family goes away together. However global travel brand found in a survey More...

Wilko Johnson Says He’s ‘Cured’ of Cancer


Wilko Johnson performs on stage at Bingley Music Live 2013 on August More...

official video: Panda Bear – Mr Noah | NewsWire

[directed by AB/CD/CD // Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper is out January 13, 2015] Tags:  mr noah, noah More...

20141022_54483eead81e6 People Buying Fewer Hot Pockets After Tastes Change, SNAP Cuts

(Mike Mozart)It’s easy to make fun of Hot Pockets. Over the years, we’ve laughed at the...

20141022_544830c0e3088 Will Pet Stores Stop Selling Puppies Entirely?

(Geoff Myers)Where do you get puppies? The answer isn’t just about the mechanics of canine pregnancy....

Pepperoni Hot Pockets Recalled For Containing Plastic

What’s that tasty new flavor in your Hot Pocket? Maybe it’s plastic! Nestlé is recalling over...

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Great American Full-Size Sedan Shootout


Today was a glorious day: despite the draconian speeding laws enacted by the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well More...

Chicago’s Bid To Fleece Motorists Of $90M Falls Short

Don’t you just hate it when you plan to screw your constituents out of nearly a hundred million bucks and you..

Georgia EV Supporters Prepare To Defend State Credit In 2015

EV supporters in Georgia are gearing up to save the state’s tax credit from the chopping block after nearly losing it..

Kazakhstan to offer caviar baths as luxury tourist attraction | World news |


Kazakstan hope that a rare fish egg spa will help attract tourists to a new More...

Ottawa shooting will not intimidate Canada, prime minister declares | World news |

The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, vowed a tough and uncompromising response to a brazen gun attack on the national..

Somalia gets first cash machine | World news |

When 21-year-old student Salma Abdi ran out of cash on a Friday in Mogadishu she used to be without money all..

Revisiting Beyoncé: Could ‘Jealous’ Be Its Most Important Song? – Nolan Feeney – NewsWire

It’s been exactly three months since Beyoncé, without any warning, dropped one of the finest albums of the past year—not to..

Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp star in new Into The Woods images

A new batch of images have arrived online from Disney’s Into The Woods, giving us a good look at the A-list..

Get an Exclusive First-Look at Warhammer 40,000: Regicide's Troops in Action

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide isn't your typical Warhammer game. The upcoming title from Hammerfall Publishing is a variation on chess that, according..